How To: Creating Codes

This is a How To guide for clients who wish to be able to create codes on behalf of their company to distribute to students manually via email, receipt print-off, or something similar. The end user would be required to then log into to enter his code and redeem to gain access to their purchased materials.

This is best for a basic integration with a Point of Sales system to offer basic digital materials. The information below explains the APIs and steps to take to complete this level of integration:

Integration Difficulty: Basic

Steps to Integrate:

  1. GET Products API:
    • .../v4/products
  2. POST Create Code(s):
    • .../v3/codes.xml

Key items to note following this transaction:

  • VitalSource knows the Bookshelf code, the associated title, and expiry terms applied upon creation.
  • VitalSource does not know the intended Bookshelf user and will not until the Bookshelf code is redeemed.
  • Upon receipt of the Bookshelf code through the web services call, the publisher must communicate the code to the intended recipient. Typical communication includes instruction on:
    • Accessing Bookshelf Online through a browser
    • Downloading and installing the Bookshelf application
    • Redeeming the Bookshelf code through either access point
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