Getting Started with VitalSource APIs


VitalSource has APIs for both front-end and back-end systems. Below is an overview and useful links to the major APIs.

  Description Services  
 Bookshelf  Bookshelf APIs consist of both our Jigsaw JavaScript based APIs as well as the embeddable reader that allows you to embed the VitalSource Bookshelf client anywhere!
  • Jigsaw
  • Embeddable reader
 Connect (V3)  The Connect Enterprise (V3) APIs, are token based restful services that allow integration partners to the ability to create users, create/redeem(sell) codes, activate on behalf of a user and single sign on into the Bookshelf client
  • Catalog
  • User Services
  • Administrative Services
 Compose  Publisher Centric APIs for content creation, edits, sampling and ePub content creation.
  • Sampling
  • Asset Services


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