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Hello, the Developer Network at VitalSource contains publicly documented workflows for all of our extensible APIs. Our RESTful APIs require an API key and our LTI requests require a key/secret. It is presumed you have these in hand prior to beginning any of these workflows.

As we store content for the entire educational publishing industry and have more than 30 million users access to our system is well secured. VitalSource uses privacy-by-default with minimum data capture and storage. VitalSource has as single set of URLs in a low-latency SaaS, deployed on Google Cloud Platform using logical separation at all levels. We support N numbers of customer instances on these URLs be they production or test.

If you need an API Key and do not have one you will have to contract with VitalSource. Free/test keys are not issued to customers who wish to trial our service. Please visit https://get.vitalsource.com/ to learn about our services and submit your information.




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