POST LTI: Create a Bookshelf Launch

Properly initiate an LTI Launch from a Tool Consumer into a Vitalsource Bookshelf user account. Launching into a specific book is great for an integration with a course using only one book. If using more than one, look at how to deep link into specific content.

In order to fully configure the Launch URL, the LMS manager or instructor will need to know the VBID of the eTextbook. The publisher or a VitalSource representative can supply this information to you. Please note that the protocol being used is https to prevent eavesdropping on the data being exchanged between LMS and VitalSource.

Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols OAUTH1.0 Key/Secret
Valid for Roles System to System

API Request

HTTP Verbs and URLs

Parameter Name Description Example  
user_id  The user's unique ID set up from the Tool Consumer  test_user  Required
roles The user's role in the context Instructor, Teacher, Student, Learner Recommended
launch_presentation_document_target Options to present the redirect, in a new window, self, parent Window Required
custom_book_location Allows the redirect to take a user to a "deep link" or specific location in the content. %2Fepubcfi%2F6%2F20%255B%253Bvnd.vst.idref%253Dboy10%255D  Optional
context_id Value for the context of a launch, could be a course code, section number something unique to the calling system ENG101 A  Recommended
custom_vbid The custom book identifier for SSO. This sends a user directly to a piece of content.  BOOKSHELF-TUTORIAL  Optional

Example Launch from the IMS Global Specification


A success will redirect the user automatically into the bookshelf account and book specified including the other specific paramaters around deep link or presentation method.


HTTP Code: 403 Forbidden

See full list of error codes and messages. 


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