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VitalSource is one of the world's most successful SaaS platforms delivering billions of annual page views of content through our APIs. As an organization, we are deeply committed to the RESTful API paradigm, and our core product Bookshelf runs on the LearnKit API, which is published.

Before you begin any integration pattern, please spend some time in our getting started section where we cover deprecation policies, rate limiting procedures, handling 5xx errors, and of course our response codes.

The workflow described here will allow your organization to join our community by successfully connecting to our endpoints. Once your site is up we enable consistent delivery of content with peerless uptime and an industry-wide catalog, so let's get started.

To work with our service, you will need to complete all the following workflow steps:

  1. Bookshelf workflow - v4/products to connect to our content listings
  2. Bookshelf workflow - v3/credentials to verify existing user accounts
  3. Bookshelf workflow - v3/users to create new user accounts
  4. Bookshelf workflow - v4/fulfillments to place content in a users' account
  5. Bookshelf workflow - Single Sign-On (SSO) to sign into Bookshelf as a user
  6. Bookshelf workflow - Codes - Delete/Cancel/Refund to refund or delete content

Once you start development, you will find this resource very helpful in explaining the relationship between the elements of our endpoints and a full e-commerce workflow. 

A final few words about our service: We are in the constant process of updating our endpoints to have more features. All of our endpoints are currently at either /v3/ or /v4/. Existing customers can rest assured that these changes will only be added to new versions of the endpoint.

As a RESTful service, we respond with the core HTTP codes. Most of the time, you will receive the following in response from our servers:

HTTP: 200 OK
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