DELETE v4/codes/:code - Delete/Cancel/Refund

This end-point is for canceling and issuing refunds for specific codes. There are a variety of reasons a code can and cannot be cancelled which can be reviewed at the bottom of the page. Specific error messaging is returned depending on current codes' refund eligibility requirements.

Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols API Key
Valid for Roles System to System

API Request(s)

HTTP Verbs and URLs

DELETE v4/codes/{code}.xml

Request Headers


Response Body



HTTP: 200 OK


HTTP: 422
<error-text>Code has already been canceled</error-text>

If the code you sent is not valid in our system:

HTTP: 404
<error-text>Invalid Code</error-text>

Refund Error Reason Codes

 Refundable Refund Code Refund Text
False 469 The Redemption Code is already canceled and is not eligible for a return.
False 1005 The Redemption Code is redeemed for an eTextbook that includes an access code for an online resource. The code to the online resource has been opened by the customer and is no longer returnable. This eTextbook is not eligible for a return.
False 1006 Unassigned Code cannot be canceled. Please deactivate instead.
False 1007 The Redemption Code is redeemed, and the number of days allowed for refund on this eTextbook has expired. This eTextbook is not eligible for a return. This is configurable per client with regards to the number of days for refund eligibility. The default is 14 days.
False 1014 Not eligible for refund because the user has exceeded the percentage of pages accessed.

See full list of error codes and messages.

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