GET v4/packages/:pkg_sku - Read

Use this API to request details about a specific package product with a collection of Assets/SKUs. 


Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols API Key
Valid for Roles System to System

API Request

HTTP Verbs and URLs

GET /v4/packages/:pkg_sku
GET /v4/products/?type=Packages - list all packages in your catalog

Request Headers

Content-Type: application/json

Element Descriptions

Element Description
sku The auto-generated SKU for the new package
name The name of the package
description Package description to display to end users
Publisher Name of the company who created the package
list_price The price for the package if necessary
library_id The specific Library set up within Connect to specific where the library where the pacakge will live. This must be a LibraryID that was created by the requesting companies API key.
download_license/online_license Specific elements to specific the license length and type for downloadable and online clients. Must set a specific value
details Text describing license rules set
duration Number of days of num_days was used, otherwise null
tags An array of tags used to query and identify the package in more detail (could be course code, etc)
created_on Date the package was created
updated_on Date the package was last updated this includes meta data updates or items being added to a package
products {sku} A list of assets or sku identifiers and meta data about the items of a package


Specific error codes for this endpoint

403: Permission Denied
404: Package not found

See our full list of error codes and messages.

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