Content Creation Workflows


VitalSource allows the upload and ingestion of content into what becomes one format the Vitalbook (VBID.)

Our assets endpoints support create, update and details requests. Below are links to the doc for each of the requests. VBID is a system generated response that you must save in order to continue forward. 

VitalSource can and will accept for ingestion PDF (called officially Page Fidelity,) and ePUB2/3 titles. We use open source tools to both pre-flight and also create the DRM versions of your file. 

VitalSource also offers on online portal where you can upload titles for ingestion. Please  contact to gain access.



VitalSource also support the concept of a Package. A package in simple terms is a collection of books/content rolled up as a single SKU. As the individual elements of a package will already be present in our system we only ask you to describe the license terms, and price. 

Unlike the underlying assets, packages can be deleted at VitalSource as they will have either been redeemed or not.


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