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VitalSource offers a Postman collection, available using these options:

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Download the Postman app

The App has many features that make using our APIs easy. If you do not have the the Postman app please visit: to install on your device.

Getting started

The VitalSource public collection comes with all of our endpoints, standard workflows and an environment. All of our APIs require an API Key to successfully make a request. If you do not yet have one, please visit or contact your Integration and Onboarding manager to complete your set up. Replace the environment variable "vst_api_key" with your API key and use the workflow that most closely matches your use-case.


Some requests, when being made on behalf of a user, have other headers that need to be included. This is called an access-token. An example of that header (with the access token environment variable) is below:


Additionally some requests require explicit values to be passed within the request URL or request body. Here we have used environment variables as well. Anywhere you see that you'll need to replace with a real value and of course consult the API documentation to understand what they do and learn how to add payload from one endpoint into environment variables in Postman for use in the next call.


Coding Languages

The Postman app can produce sample requests in many supported languages. For more information on how to do this see the Postman doc here


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