API name changes - 1-June-2019

As of 1-June-2019 all published endpoints will be renamed in closer conformance to industry standards. 

VitalSource has elected to remove most descriptors previously attached as a layer on top of our API endpoints. 


Base Naming Pattern

Wherever possible endpoints will be displayed in Create, Read, Update, Destroy (CRUD) order. Exceptions will be where this violates basic VitalSource workflows.

The URL will be shown to include parameters such as :vbid, :code, :pkg_sku or :param when multiple options exist.


POST ending URL Create if needed v3/codes - Create
GET ending URL Read if needed v4/packages/:pkg_sku - Read
PUT ending URL Update if needed /vital_books/:vbid - Update
DELETE ending URL Delete if needed v4/codes/:code - Delete/Cancel/Refund


Revision Schema


GET Products API v4/products - Read All
GET Products - Metadata v4/products/:vbid - Title, TOC, Metadata
POST Catalog v3/catalog  - All
POST Create User v3/users - Create
GET Verify User v3/users/:param - Read (Verify)
PUT Update User v3/users/:param - Update
GET License v3/licenses  - Read
POST Create Code v3/codes - Create
GET Code Details v4/codes/:code - Read
POST Redeem Code v3/redemptions - Redeem Code
POST Redeem Code (Bulk) v3/redemptions/bulk - Redeem Codes (bulk)
DELETE Refund Code v4/codes/:code - Delete/Cancel/Refund
POST Reset Token v3/users/reset_access - Reset Token (step 1)

Verify Credentials (Single or Bulk)

v3/credentials - Verify Credentials (step 2)
POST Authenticated Redirect (SSO to Bookshelf) v3/redirects - SSO to Bookshelf eReader
POST Create Activation Link v4/activation_requests - Create
GET N/A v4/activation_requests/:id - Read
POST Create a Bookshelf Launch /books/book - Bookshelf SSO via VitalSource Launch


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