Basic Bookshelf Workflow

This basic workflow is an incomplete journey through the VitalSource RESTful APIs. The use-cases for this workflow are:

  • Constrained development resources
  • Seeking an upgrade from code workflows within VitalSource Manage
  • Code create only use-cases
    • Bookstores, POS, etc.
    • eCommerce without SSO or users
    • Publishing (print + electronic)

Once you start development, you may find the more complete Bookshelf workflow helpful in explaining the relationship between the elements of our endpoints and a full e-commerce workflow. 

We will only attempt to work with two areas of the VitalSource Bookshelf APIs.

  1. (Optional) Basic Bookshelf Workflow - v4/products to identify the content against which you will create codes
  2. Basic Bookshelf Workflow - Codes Create, Get and Delete

A final few words about our service: We are in the constant process of updating our endpoints to have more features. All of our endpoints are currently at either /v3/ or /v4/. Existing customers can rest assured that these changes will only be added to new versions of the endpoint.

As a RESTful service, we respond with the core HTTP codes. Most of the time, you will receive the following in response from our servers:

HTTP: 200 OK
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