Clever integration via VitalSource Launch


Clever Integration

VitalSource supports integration with Clever with Roster and Account provisioning via Clever Secure Sync and SSO via Clever Instant Login. Below is a high level guide that is designed to be adjunctive to working with our Customer Success team.

Step 1

Request the Bookshelf application to be added to the District Portal

Step 2

After the Bookshelf application is added and approved, share course and enrollment data with VitalSource via Clever Secure Sync

Step 3

Content is paired with Course Sections

  • This is usually a collaboration with the school, the publisher and VitalSource to pair the correct content to the sections.

Step 4

Launch to Bookshelf by VitalSource via Clever Instant Login

  • Students and Instructors will be able to access the content paired in step 3 by clicking the Bookshelf by VitalSource application icon in their District Portal.
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