OpenAthens SSO Authentication


OpenAthens is an identity and access management service, supplied by Eduserv. VitalSource integrates with the OpenAthens Keystone platform leveraging the OpenID Connect specification, which allows for SSO into VitalSource content. Users are sent to an OpenAthens login screen and can either use OpenAthens credentials if they have them or select their organization from a drop down to login with their school credentials.


Setup Instructions

1. Provide VitalSource with two pieces of information.

VitalSource will need two pieces of information to configure your OpenAthens integration. If you are unsure of what these are you can visit the OpenAthens Federation for details.

  1. Entity ID -
  2. Scope -


2. Add links to your system.

  1. Link directly to specific content: 
    Where :SKU is the SKU of the content you wish to link too.
  2. Link to Bookshelf or Bridge:



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